Whaingaroa Physiotherapy - Raglan

Whaingaroa Physiotherapy is a ‘hands on’ physiotherapy practice focused on ensuring that you receive the best possible physiotherapy services for your condition.

Our physiotherapists take a particular interest in designing individual treatment and management plans to ensure the best possible outcomes and returning you to doing the things that are important to you that injury, pain and discomfort may be preventing. 

Our team of physiotherapist cater for early injury management, rehabilitation following injury and/or surgery, discomfort due to pregnancy and birth, longstanding pain presentations and general conditioning due to injury, illness or inactivity.

This means we assess your: Joint mobility and stability, posture, movement patterns, muscle imbalances, general fitness, balance, ligament integrity and level of function.

We treat: Joint dysfunction, mobilise stiff joints to regain mobility, release muscle tension, use modalities to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing

We educate you on: Self management strategies, appropriate exercises, correct posture and movement patterns, general health and fitness and longstanding pain management. 

We rehabilitate: Tailor prescribe specific exercises to address your needs and enhance your recovery, regularly review your progress and continually progress your programs to meet your goals. 

We motivate and empower you: To self manage and regain an active lifestyle.